Aalto University Fully-Funded Scholarships Finland 2022

Aalto University Fully-Funded Scholarships Finland 2022

Scholarships of Aalto University year 2022 have been made available to students subject to tuition fees. Some of the joint degrees have their own scholarship schemes and tuition fees. Aalto University holds the right to change the scholarship program anytime.

Aalto University Scholarship program 2022

The Aalto University Scholarship Program acknowledges talented non-EU/EEA students. Scholarships awarded at Aalto University are on a competitive basis based on merit. The number of scholarships available is limited for all degree programs and depends on the number of non-EU/EEA students selected for the respective degree programs.

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Scholarships are awarded during the academic consideration stage of a specific study option’s admission process. A scholarship may be awarded to the best applicants that are likely inclined to pay tuition fees for each study option. The study option website provides academic evaluation criteria for each specific study option.

Scope of Aalto University scholarship

Tuition fees at Aalto University are covered by either 50 % (Category B) or 100 % (Category A).alto University awards Waivers for tuition fees.

The Aalto University currently does not take responsibility for university-wide scholarships to cover up living costs in Finland. Each student is accountable for covering their own living expenses that are approximately 800 EUR per month and other study-related costs. For further information visit the Financial matters page (into.Aalto.fi) about living costs.

How to apply for a scholarship?

During the application period, non-EU/EEA citizens can apply for the scholarship along with their preferred study option on the same application form. You will be asked some questions in the application form that regarding your fee liability. You cannot apply for the scholarship after the application period closes.

Aalto University scholarships (i.e. waivers of tuition fees) are only applicable to students who are liable to pay tuition fees at the institute.

Scholarship decisions

Scholarship decisions are based on academic consideration of the applicants selected for the study program. The academic evaluation criteria (available on the program’s website) are used to estimate applications in the programs.

Scholarships are awarded simultaneously with admission decisions. As per Universities Act, the scholarship decision cannot be appealed.

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Duration of scholarship

There are several scholarships awarded for the duration of the degree program. A bachelor’s degree takes three (3) years of full-time study, and a master’s degree takes two (2) years of full-time study. Studying according to a personal study plan must be approved by the scholarship committee.

Aalto University Incentive Scholarship Program

Incentive-based scholarships are also offered by the University that reward fee-paying students who make good progress in their studies. Scholarships are awarded to only those students who manage to complete a minimum of 60 ECTS credits during the time span of the academic year according to their approved personal study plans.

Scholarships are valued at 1500 euros. If applicable, the Scholarships are paid out in the upcoming autumn term or upon graduation.

Finland Scholarship for Master students

Aalto University provides Finland scholarships as part of their national Finland Scholarships program funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Finland scholarships are available, during the period 2022-2024.

Finland Scholarships are available to non-EU/EEA applicants who can not overcome tuition fees at Aalto University.

The scholarships awarded are merit-based and awarded according to the academic evaluation criteria of each study option (available on each study option’s website). Scholarships are awarded only to the top applicants that are liable for tuition fees for each study option.

Scope of scholarship

As a student will arrive in Finland and after registration at the university as an attending student, 5000 euros will be transferred to a Finnish bank account of that student. During the first year of study, the Finland Scholarship covers 100% tuition fee (awarded as a tuition fee waiver) and 5000 Euros worth of transfer and other costs.  The amount of scholarship which is 5000 euros is paid only once during the first year of studies.

How to apply for a scholarship?

With the same application form, Non-EU/EEA applicants who can not afford tuition feesof Aalto University can also apply for the Finland Scholarship. After the application deadline has passed, no applications will be accepted.

You can apply through the official website.

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